our group at the exorcist stairs in georgetown - you pick, which do you think she is?So typically I dont ever go out at night with fellow work people. It’s generally been by rule for a long while. But last nite I made an exception. At work, we’ve been preparing for a fund raiser for the Leukemia Society for months now. Basically, the deal was you find a group of 10 people, and each person donates 100 bucks. So each group pays $1000. Then you get a limo and you get to join in the scavenger hunt thru DC. The winner gets some trip somewhere. So, it turns out the station got two limos outside of the 50 other ones. So I got invited to come out in the one that wasnt with the morning show. It was a lot of Promotions people and what not.

So originally, I’d say, fuck it. I have better things to do. But I really didnt that nite and I sounded like a blast. How can cruising around in DC in a 10 person limo drinking champaigne all nite be a bad time. It was just that. But even better, we had a mission to find all these clues for the scavenger hunt. My great contribution was a plane ticket stub I had in my camera case. I think that was about it.

The one part timer who I totally have a crush on came out too. She rarely comes in anymore cos most of the things she does are at night. But she is my perfect girl. She has a great cynical attitude. But can still laugh a helluva lot. She’s ambitious. She *loves* music. And not just one style. She’s open minded. She has long hair. She’s sorta a hippie. But like how I am sorta a hippie. She’s beautiful and doesnt know it. She doesnt talk up a storm. She doesnt talk fast, too. She’s incredibly attractive. She’s involved in learning about the music industry. God, could a girl be more perfect for me. Oh yeah, small little factor. She has a boyfriend. Damnit! Oh well. It’s always my luck. At this time in my life I am not going to persue anything right now. I just dont have enough time to get involved with anyone. Nor the interest right now. Is that a bizzare thought. No more persueing. If they want me, they can come and get me.

So the limo ride was cool, cos the new promotions girl started drinking a little too much. She was such the lil’ sorority girl too in collge, i could tell, in her lil’ dress and her beer. She made a fool of her self for the most part. But i am sure it could have been worse. I also had the job to take care of her! Lucky me. Oh, good hearted Mat, always looking out for his fellows. Bah! I didnt even get digits and I was all dressed to the 9’s. Fuckers. Totally wasnt my crowd anyways. So no real harm done. But it was cool seeing some “suits” in Wedding dresses. And one dude who had a mullet in a wedding dress. Now that was a great find on the scavenger hunt! Ha!

Today is my day off. I am going to be working on the lil’ details with my label. I did send out an email seeing who was coming to the meeting on sunday. I think maybe 6 of the 20 people who want to be involved with the label actually emailed me back. Is it that hard to email back a “yes” or “no”, the first time I ask? Even if i know you’ll not be coming. It was a simple task. People can be so irresposible. And this will be reflected when you realize how I am doing everything for the label. I really dont mind. Then I know things will happen and be right. But there are a select few people who are really helping me out and taking some of the minor burden off my hands. Mad props to those who are self-motivated with little direction. If you cant do that, you shouldnt be working for a label. Anyways. Go rent a limo and cruise DC. Totally worth it.

Oh yeah, I think OM had it’s one year aniversary as a place for Mat to speak his mind. Weird. I think we’re almost up to 100,000 hits. Bizzare. It’s come a long way. Last year, this time, I was peaking 8 hits a day. Now it’s close to 200 hits a day. Some would say I sold out. Some not. Doesnt matter to me. I still do what I do. Oh and I did get the final word from the State of Maryland. I finally got my certificate and forms from them that Olympus Mons Records is a real deal Limited Liabilty Company (Corp). Fucking hell.

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