right turn clyde

i smell bacon!Your life is in a bind
cigarettes, drowning in the elements
of a steady home, that drove us home…

Today was the first day since DAY 1, i was actually bored at times. It was a really light day which is ok. I am fine with that as it’s been fucking hectic the past few weeks. So it’s nice to chill out a little and just sorta haze off for a while. You know that stary thing in the computer where you are looking at the screen but you arent *looking* at the screen. I also played a game where I would resize the screen res. When you put it at 800×600 at work, there is this unbearable high pitch squeal that is emmited. Similar to that of a TV but highly amplified. It’s excruciating at times. But I would do this and see how long it would take for the the two other people in my office to notice. Oh the games I play. They are endless. So that was my highlight of my day.

Doing artwork last nite with Elle was cool. I felt dirty introducing Elle to my dad as “Lindsay.” It was neato when we were doing the artwork. Cos instead of looking at good artwork, we looked at bad artwork. And said, “Let’s NOT do this.” It’s like reverse psychology of art. Bad art can lead to good art. See, it’s all math in the end. But I didnt do most of the math last nite. That was all Elle. Math guru she is. Even after she digressed like 4 times from her massive and now obvious A.D.D. problem. We all got it somewhere. Anyways. So the artwork is coming along. I think I am gonna take a break with it for a few days. I am getting some mastering software from ROME. I can’t wait for that junx. Sound Forge will do me right. And sunday Daniel will help me master some more. It’s always good to get a new and fresh set of ears. Sorta like women. Or not. Maybe I like the 65 year old women. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmm. Where are you dream woman? You better have long hair and like indie rock music AND Cheap Trick! I know you’re out there. As indie rock as you wanna be.

And as most people like to point out, I can be quite absent minded at times. So on saturday I went out with Jessie Belle to get CDs. On the way to her house I put on glasses in the ashtray and put on my SHADES, so I could look cool driving in my Buick Lesabre. Then it’s Sunday night and I have no clue where my glasses are. It’s a mystery. I got my first pair of glasses almost 2 years ago. I had actually always wanted them. Not sure why. Maybe because I thought Elvis Costello looked cool or something. So I finally got them, and of course the glasses I liked were over $300. Why does that shit always happen? So I am the sucker and the picky sucker and get them. But they never leave my sight. (oh, i am good!) I think I really only lost them one other time. So anyways. It’s not Monday and I had no idea where they were. I came home and thought, what did I do Saturday? I bought CDs and then they dissapeared. So i went to my shelf where I put my “CDs to be filed for the week” and low and behold they are sitting right there. Ah, the glories of old age. Where’s my damn tophat!

I’m gonna them my friends the truth about you
I’m gonna tell them all the things that you do- doo doo doooooo

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