drag queen singer totally joan jett-ish bleached out hair

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I saw Vanilla Sky with Emily last nite. The highlight was definately Tom Cruise looking mangled and the use of Rez (by Underworld) in a club scene. Cameron is a genius with the use of rock music in film. He needs to work on this film though. Or maybe i just need to see it again. I am still left with a feeling of dry heaves though.

I scanned last nite, as well::

2 Skinnee J’s

Pete Yorn

Puddle Of Mudd


Soul Asylum

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  • you know what I fuckin love? I fuckin love t. rowe reprezent, yo.


  • I am wicked confused about the "Top 10 Visits" thing and what that means. I am also confused about derivatives, but mostly that. The reason I am confused is because it says T.Rowe Price on there. What does that mean?

  • it just means that for example:

    >>08 29 machine48.thq.com

    this user was #8 out of 10 and visited the site 29 times in the month of may…


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