Legally OM

just because she’s blonde doesn’t mean dinosaurs should eat herWeekend Plans:

–Dogsit my favorite Doggy, Sig Other’s schnauzer
–Hang with friends
–Hang with OM boyz
–See My Biography, now playing in a Theatre Near You.

Laugh if you wish, but there are some undeniably strange things about my movie. LEGALLY BLONDE. Although I never would have picked Reese Witherspoon to play me. I’m a little creeped out:

A) I, too, am Legally Blonde.
B) Reesies character is named… you guessed it… Elle.
C) describes Elle as “A thinking-man’s cupcake.” I, also, am a Thinking Man’s Cupcake!
D) The whole thing about Elle in pink. I like pink! Okay, so I usually gravitate to black. But still! Matter of fact, last night, I made a skirt out of a pink PowerPuff Girls pillowcase. (I seriously did. It’s pretty funny. I contemplated wearing it to work today. It is casual Friday, you know.)

Will the similarities never end? It’s fate! If anyone needs me, I’ll be at Harvard Law school.

Games People Play:

I cannot take credit for all of these, but I’ve been spending better parts of my morning thinking of words to verb.

Like “suave.” “He so suaved on that chick. Maybe he’ll get some ass.”
“Corpse.” “She looks corpse in that skirt. What a ho.”
“Parakeet.” “If I hear one more Jimmy Buffett song, I will Parakeet him right in the nuts, so help me Christ.”

As you can see, most of these revolve around being a bitch about something. But it’s fun! Lots of time can be wasted doing this at your desk at work.


I am listening to the best of Elvis Costello and it is good tunes. I ordered two things off Amazon this week: “Shiny Adidas Track Suits and the Death of Camp” by Dave Eggers and the Might Magazine people, and “Door Wide Open: A Beat Love Affair in Letters (Kerouac)” I am excited!

Who would you get to play yourself in your biographical movie? I always pictured myself as Martha Plimpton, circa the character Steffi in “Goonies.”


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