i am a tree

TWO DAYS!!!!!!Purchased CDs this weekend:

  • Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “s/t” – I’ve always wanted this one…it was their first. Fuck. They have a song called ’78 Style. That is badass. And Wharton Tiers help record it. Along with Steve Albini and Kramer. Those two are like two of the strangest collaberators. It’d be like THEBOBGREENE working with Britney. Or something like. MONS working with PEARL JAM. Etc.
  • Guided by Voices “Mag Earwhig!” – I remember listening to this with Joe in his Mazda 626 in TN when i was in school. I never really got in to them. But that was a time where I only listened to music that recorded nicely. I am a Tree is my new anthem. It’s so classic rock it hurts. I love it. I am really digging this Guided by Voices stuff. My one question is the pseudo UK accent?!
  • The Zombies “The Singles Collection” – I remember flying back from TN once for a winter break or something with my then friend. We both listened to this CD on the plane. It was really eye opening. Never thought they’d sound like that with a name of such.
  • The Kinks “Greatest Hits” – I couldnt not get this with getting the Zombies record. Ray Davies is one crazy mofo. One of those CDs that was on my “LIST” for way too long. Not anymore.
  • Mouse on Mars “idiology” – No concert has ever moved me so much as to purchase a CD for $15.99. It was well worth it. Fucking Germans know electronics like it’s no one’s bidness. I think this is one of their best.
  • Dirty Three “Ocean Songs” – I never liked these guys much. Another band i’d always listen to in Joe’s car. Even saw them once. Always kinda bugged me. Or it could have been that all the people that liked it pissed me off. Very moody. Maybe I am moody now. Fuck non bipolar people.
  • Build to Spill “Ancient Melodies of the Future” – Not really purchased. But on friday after i was ready to go, I saw this on Buddy’s stereo. It looked really good. I asked if he was gonna listen to it. He was just about ready to listen to it however he said it was mine. He said he’d just get another from the label on monday. So be it! Buddy rocks. If he grew a beard he’d be Doug! I really dont like it all that much tho. It’s no KEEP IT LIKE A SECRET. But maybe it will grow on me.

Other than hanging out with Awapy a lot this weekend and hinting at unfulfilled sexual favors, not much is going on. Olympus Mons Records is now a company. Limited Liability Company if you really wanna know. You cant sue my ass. You can only sue my company. Ha! And my BBS and server are fucked. Why? I dont know. I am working on it. Or the people I pay are. Wish they’d fix it soon! Two days! Two days! Oh yeah, we watched SLC Punk tonite. It was really good. Hearing MINOR THREAT in a movie was very bizzare. And hearing HOT FOR TEACHER in the same movie was just as strange. Good flick if you have the time.

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  • //They Might Be Giants and Jon Spencer should do a “IN THE FISHTANK” session.//


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