The Great CD Challenge of 2004/5

The Great CD Challenge of 2004 and 2005 is virtually complete. Our furniture for the record library was built last night and we started importing A up to Prince in the P section. We might get some more done tonight after band practice. We’re starting with gross alphabetizing with Emily being my Master Filer and then later this week/weekend I’ll start micro-alphabetizing. I can’t wait. Yay!

A good Sam Adams to get the party started was in order.

Amazingly AM fit in Library 1.

My Master Filer, Emily next to Library 2.

Oh yeah, and we are the proud new owners of a 1/2 bath. It’s in the basement and it’s TIGHT. Basically if you came home from a crazy night of drinking you’d be able to sit on the pooper and puke in the sink without too much stretching. Feel free any try it out, next time you are over. Puking optional. Please.

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