Björk Guòmundsdòttir Assimilation


Music Libraries 1, 2 & 3 are pretty much complete. At least macro-alphabetically. I will get in there with a fine tooth comb and do a serious micro-alphabetizing session over the next few days/weeks. Turns out 1 held A – Ju. 2 held J – Sh. And 3 held Sh – Zorn. Yay. The problem will be compilations, soundtracks and various. I ran out of room. I might be able to consolidate them and slice them under the stereo where there is a little space. It could work. Emily has so damn many electronic and Verve Records compilations. A lot of gems, I must add! I also have noted that rebuilding my music collection goes much faster with a partner.

So, if you have a really good eye (or are Becca), you may have noticed from the pictures that there are some unexpected foreign CDs in our new music library. Most notable is the Björk collection that belongs to Emily that I have in the past contributed to delinquency of. When we decided to get married I made coherent decision that I get all of Emily. Including her music collection. And vice versa. (Yes Eric, If I die you can have my Flaming Lips collection.) Yup, that includes: debut ° post ° homogenic ° selmasongs ° vespertine ° greatest hits ° medúlla ° and that box set thing. Not to mention the live disc from debut I bought her that is still in the original packaging. And the more rare Gling-Gló disc. Amazing. So the mainstreaming of Björk happened and I didn’t explode.

One of these days I’ll open up that live disc.

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