we can play stones songs sitting on a fence

to supply the missing word or words by subauditionlet’s wake up the neighbors,
let’s turn up our amps

when we used to have a plan
we can play stones songs
sitting on a fence

and it’ll sound pretty good
till i forget how it ends
it’s a big day coming
about a mile away

and it’s a big day coming and i can hardly wait

Today was pretty hectic almost all the way through the day. Getting the phone call from Feets was a nice super (or as she would say, THUPER) suprise. It sucked cos I was on my way out the door to 1801 in Rockville. I think I noticed my site was down around this time too. Sucks. I hate when that shit happens. It’s soooooo out of my control. It’s a big day coming.

Work work work. I did get to finally see what my new office will look like. It’s soooooo bad ass. It’s huge and I only share it with one person. We get a huge window too! And the walls are 70’s pale green. Rock on! The chairs there are also Metro Orange. Yum. But sorta pukey. So, sorta Yum.

This weekend i was thinking of going to the beach with AWAPY. But it turns out i have a concert to take pictures at. Spacehog is tomorrrow at Nation. You may remember a tune they had back a few years ago. Personally I cant. But i know they did have one, and i recall searching for mp3s of them last week and found a dope MIDI file. It was mega cheese. But i sang along pretty loud at work. You gotta love that. Someday I’ll tape me singing and you’ll be able to exploit me to no end. Wait. I think I exploit myself, so i guess it’s all going to even out in the end.

Then randomly AWAPY is going to Conneticuit next weekend to see that Dave Matthews character. She said I could drive to Boston though, which is more enticing than anything. I may take her up on it. I may have to! I need to breathe that air sooner or later. I also need to get in touch with Zut about coming up. Not sure if it would fit her schedule. I’d love to see Papa as well. Can you believe he just turned 93?! And his older sister just turned 97. I love how my family has those old genes in them. I want to be a very old man. I’ll be the dirtiest old man ever. Ha! Just like Papa.

Oh and DC101 Part-timer from work IMed me just before. We gossiped for a bit about work stuff…then we talked about what each of us were doing for the nite. Both seeming equally pathetic. And then I asked if i should cut my hair and she was the first to say not to. So i have a dilema. I need to do something with it. Not sure what though. Blah. I also noticed I only seem to get my hair cut when I have a SO. I always knew DC101 Part-timer had some hippy in her punk ass! I wonder what she will do with herself come fall. It would be cool to see what happens to her. She is a smarty one and hope she succeeds and stays in the area, cos it seems like it would be cool to hang out with her. But i doubt that would ever happen. Well I am off to begin my night. It’s a big day coming.

and my latin phrase of the day is: LATET ANGUIS IN HERBA – good karma to the person who can translate it.

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