just trying…

Soundtrack of the day: Smashing Pumpkins’ siamese dream, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan’s highway 61 revisited, Weezer’s pinkerton, Galaxie 500’s on fire, REM’s out of time, & Jeff Buckley’s grace (thanks jessie belle)

“just trying to make the world a little more fashionable” – Kristen.

Some people are just brighter than others. It’s a fact. Be elite, it works.

Hey, did you guys also notice it was absolutely impossible to get up this morning and get to work? Like Karin emailed me this morning, it was just like getting up for the first day of the semester of school. Blah. And so my boss is away, and i have nothing to do. People of the universe! Give me work to do! Or not. I like looking outside at the firetrucks going by. Zooooooooooooooooom. Free as those forces inside me.

2 Responses to “just trying…”

  • Mat-

    Read your post… Me and Mike are
    totally on the same wavelength as you are about this one. It’s kinda almost
    like society tells us that people our age are supposed to go to bars and
    “socialize” and meet people. It’s lame. So, spend $5 on a drink, talk
    to boring people who have nothing better to do than go to a bar,
    smell like smoke, and that’s supposed to make you normal right? Stupid. I
    never understood that concept. Kinda like how me and Mike really don’t
    want to have kids. We just don’t like em. They are smelly annoying
    screaming little jerks. But everytime someone asks me if I want kids
    and I say no they always say, “you’ll change your mind when you
    grow up.”

    What am I, 14 years old? No, I won’t change my mind and it pisses
    me off that people think I’m some sort of alien cuz I don’t want my genes
    passed on to some jerky snotbag. It’s like you are a weirdo or barron if
    you don’t want kids. People don’t understand something called POPULATION
    GROWTH! There are too many people (most of them stupid) on this
    planet already, close your damn legs.

    Sorry bout’ that, I just get bothered by society norms. It’s all

    Well, I’m done for today. Hope you didn’t get caught with your
    little scheme at work.


  • Today was the first day of class for me…I feel you, man. I clocked in a 13 hour day and now I must be tripping because I can see trails on the little arrow…yes I am a lunatic now.

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