it’s hard to turn me on…

The other day an ex-girlfriend from the dirty south (TN girlfriend #4) found me on the instant messenger. We starting talking about our time outside of my work and her schooling. She was actually on vacation and yes, she was bizzarely enough IMing with me?! Go figure, I surely can’t. I know if i was on vaction I wouldn’t be IMing with my ex-girlfriends.

So anyways, the topic of conversation went to meeting people at bars. She made her stakes that she has met some great and wonderful people at bars, in general. She also said that on this vacation she was taking this past weekend she met someone and supposedly this person is going to come visit her back home where she lives…to me that is MUCHO sketchy. First off, I wouldn’t be in a bar in the first place meeting random people. (you may think I am jealous, but I am quite not…for obvious reasons. and i moved on…and have opened myself like never before to someone i’ve known a little more than a couple beers time in a crummy tavern…) I need more of a common ground when meeting *new* people. Not that I even need *new* people. I don’t. Drinking beer in a dark and sticky hole in the wall is a little too, let’s say, primitive. Also, after just meeting with someone for one or two nights at a seedy bar, and them having them travel hundreds of miles to see you weeks later… That is even that much more sketchy. But hey, that makes some people jump right in to bed! Now that is pretentiousness, or maybe sarcasm.

Is it that hard to meet normal people who don’t have to travel miles to visit someone you only maybe have spent 5 hours with in a bar? Maybe I am strange. Maybe I dont get out enough. Maybe I dont let people in close to me enough. But I do have a couple close friend and that is all I need. Volume is superfluous. I need to only impress myself. I let in who I want. Maybe she was jealous I didnt let her in. Keyword: *was*

Then she went on to say I was being a snob. Maybe I am, but she is definitely cutting herself short. But who am I to say. Maybe these people are on par or even above par. And maybe that is what she wants. Evidently it is. Maybe my expectations are too high. My expectations are obviously higher on good friends than people I meet at bars. My main claim was that I feel that I don’t have to meet people at bars. I find other means. Gosh, how revolutionary?!

Pretentiousness doesn’t come from who you hang out with or what you do or how you do it. Some people may never get it. And this post is not necessarily directed at TN ex-girlfriend #4.

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