nosotros tenemos mas infulencia

Soundtrack of the weekend: Verve, Rodan, Symon Asher, Yo La Tengo, Morphine, Suzanne Vega, Frank Zappa, & the Cure (for the upcoming sad autumn months)

Ooops. I forgot to see Yo La Tengo tonite. I guess i was a little pre-occupied as the family got a new computer. Hurrah! It’s nice and cute and fast. I like it muchly. It came with cute little polk audio speakers that i really like much. I put them on top of the monitor and they look like ears. Cute huh?!

The scanner is working again and i scanned some new pics in the “who?” section for MAT. Go check it out if you deem it necessary. Kristen has a neato section too. Don’t be shy.

Weekend = sleep late / ice cream with mom / late night movie nights / did i mention sleep late?

I wanna go back to NYC. Anyone want to come? But i think i miss New England most of all.

Has anyone noticed the temperature outside has finally dropped? It was in the upper 60s here today in the DC area. I loved every second of it….i love this time of year. Bring on the fall. Bring on the Old Navy Sweaters. Brisk is a great feeling. Bring on the snow. Bring it on…ok…have a great weekend all. Enjoy.

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