i heard you looking

Sunday!!! For real…today was filled with lots of little nothings. I woke up at a leisurely effort and read up about recording console mixers and how inserts and effect sends work. Super fun fun. Super fun fun. Then i had a donut and OJ. In that order too. Later in the day mom and i went to old navy to get more clothes for “work.” i am really scoring with all these dope-ass sweaters we’re getting. I am happy with the shopping factor. This is something i will miss muchly when i move out.

Last night i watched 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag. It was really good. Joe Pesci is really a funny man.

And today i started watching Andromeda Strain. It’s old school sci-fi. Michael Crithon wrote it. I am really liking it so far, but it’s a little slow. As is life. I’ll keep you posted as it’s a long one.

House keeping: New Photo Gallery in my Portfolio section. I scanned in photos of last spring’s Flaming Lips show from Nashville. There is also a new banda obscura. Check it out!

And from the files of “Rock Lists” by Dave Marsh and James Bernard

Don’t You Dare Call Them “Girl” Groups
It Ain’t All Grunge, It Just Seems That Way

  1. The Au Pairs
  2. The Bangles
  3. BWP (Bytches with Problems)
  4. Fanny (See Indigo Girls)
  5. The Go-Gos (See Indigo Girls)
  6. H.W.A. (Hoes with Attitude)
  7. HOle
  8. The Indigo Girls (Let’s not get too technical. OK?)
  9. L7
  10. Labelle
  11. Lilliput
  12. The Raincoats
  13. The Runaways
  14. Salt-N-Pepa
  15. The Shaggs
  16. The Slits And the image for today’s post is Joe and Me and Gabe. This was my 21st birthday party. Mad fun. Gabe is in Massachusetts now and Joe is somewhere still in the deep dirty south.

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  • Andromeda Strain was a childhood favorite of mine. I think I’ve seen it over a dozen times. I appreciate the slowness of the movie, you don’t get that much these days. The Shining had the sloooow thing happening too, another great film.

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