who is that girl?

who is that strange woman with mat?!?!

I’ll give free pixie sticks to anyone who can tell me who the woman is. Seriously!

4 Responses to “who is that girl?”

  • It sorta looks like Lauryn Hill….

    but why is she standing with Jason Lee?


  • yeah…she kinda does look like Lauryn Hill…weird…

  • hmmm….it kindof looks like the cosby mom to me, incognito…ruth huxtable or something? ruth? i dont know…or its just lauryn hill caught shopping in a thrift store..either one.


  • well, i cant tell if she has eyebrows or not, but if she doesnt, then its definitely good ol whoopi! whoopi! that poor girl..i have to do some research and find her real name, i am embarassed for her. did anyone else watch the wonder years and change the channel when poor kevin arnold did something stupid cause you couldnt stand the empathy?? i did..maybe im just odd.


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