The Sound of Africa

Soundtrack of the day: XM’s Ngoma, John Zorn’s Masada 2001: Live At Tonic, Frank Zappa’s The Grand Wazoo, Frank Zappa’s Over-Nite Sensation, Frank Zappa’s Läther, Frank Zappa’s, You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 1.

Props Feetnik for the idea to resurrect the Soundtrack’s of the Day.

Every morning on the way to the Metro I walk by an auto repair garage. There is always this lady playing tennis against one of the garage doors by herself. I’ve always been fascinated with her as she must be in her 60s or 70s. There are going to be condos built in the place of this building very soon. I think it’s great we’re getting condos which will in-turn help the value of our house, most specifically. But I will really miss this lady that I will never get the chance to meet.

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