I Wear It On My Foot

I can’t remember what we did on Friday. Honestly. Other than receiving my suit from London. I tried it on and it rules. It’s hot. I love it.

Last weekend was spent hanging with Annette and Billy and Jessie Kendall. It is always cool to see them. And Jessie is always up to really interesting things.

So Saturday was spent running to the Post Office to mail out a few more Chuppah squares. I also mailed Zack his suit for the wedding. I hope it fits as well as mine fit me. I also mailed a half.com CD. Saturday evening was spent at the Brickskeller with friends. Mike and his lady friend, Joey and Lisa (not that they are together, but it did seem everyone else there was with a sig other), Al and JG, & Zac and Bridget. Everyone was awesome and it was super cool to still have OM Fests every now and then. 3d pictures to come.

Then Sunday was spent contemplating going shopping or gardening. Gardening won out and I mowed the lawn with my neighbors gas powered mower. It was the first time I ever mowed a lawn without a push mower. I felt the power and the ways of it. I am so getting one. But not gas. Definately electric. I also started moving the huge pile of leaf mulch from our driveway to the back yard. Yes, it’s been months. I suck as a neighbor. Hopefully tonight it will be done and we’ll be able to park the car in the driveway again like the good ol’ days of Spring 2005!

Sunday night was spent at Sputnik. It had been a while since we had been there. But the place looks awesome with all the redecorating. We did beer and wine tasting to match with our food. The wines were all awesome and definitely more Emily’s thing. And the beer, more my thing. And these were the beers we tasted:

So I decided with Emily’s help on the Otter Creek Lager and the Tilburg’s Dutch Brown Ale. I actually drank more than normal and got pretty drunk, for me. We’ll also get a Natty Bo or Corona for the crab feast on Friday and perhaps a Sam Adams for our general beer on Saturday. Yay Beers!

And these are the wines we decided on for the time being. I think the Chardonnay might change.

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  • Friday: I went out with Barb after work while you played at home. Then we tried to call Mark, but no dice. Then you tried on your suit. Then maybe we watched some West Wing and Zappa? Or was that another night. then there was sleeping.

  • Well I *am* a professional 3rd wheel…sometimes 7th wheel. It’s not on my resume. Whoa, in fact, I just thought of it as a new conotation for one of my EMail addys!

  • so where are the pictures from saturday, hmmm?

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