Theoretical Music Is The Best

Last night David Riposo came over for some wine and music listening. I really must do this more often with David. It’s such a good time. We simply put in newer (to each other, not necessarily within the space time continuum) music for each other to take in. He is always listening to great music. It amazes me sometimes. And it’s great to talk about the music we will make in the future. He lives in Takoma Park and strangely and regretfully we only see each other randomly.

This band, Explosions in the Sky on Temporary Residence Records really caught my ears. It’s kind of like Sunny Day Realestate and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, with no vocals and if SDRE only did Diary-like songs and added 10 minutes to each song and skipped the cry-baby whiney crap. I will be picking up this CD very soon.

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