Our Wedding Shower

Soundtrack of the weekend: Frank Zappa’s you cant do that on stage vol2, Frank Zappa’s hot rats, Explosions in the Sky, Aretha Franklin’s lady soul, Beach Boys’ pet sounds, Dieselboy’s 6th Session, The Beatles’ magical mystery tour.

Well, we did it. We kinda sorta surprised Emily with the wedding shower. Not really. She got a lot of the hints. And Ex and David kinda gave it away. But we tried. She was still about 50% surprised. Not that is really matters.

It was really cool seeing Amy and Zack (as well as Annette and Billy) as I didn’t really expect them to fly in for this. It was a nice treat. And it was awesome seeing them for lunch too and walking through the farmer’s market on Sunday morning with Zack. Oh yeah and Amy cleaned out Frankie’s anal sacs… It was fascinating. You only need to have a sandwich bag. Some vegetable oil, if you want to be nice. Oh and being a Vet can help. We’ve almost trained her with the ‘down’ command. Yay! Roof!

So it was awesome seeing all our family and friends and eating all the great food at the Helmand. Even my Father liked the food.

And we ended up with a lot of gifts. Way more than expected. It’s rather overwhelming. I mean we registered for it, so nothing was really a surprise, but still. It’s just so much stuff and we don’t have a large house. I have no clue where it’s all going to go. And these are still just engagement gifts. It’s kind of crazy.

Pictures are here.

PS. What’s up with Green Day winning every goddam VMA? And Suge Knight getting shot. That’s not a person you want to shoot and miss hitting any major organs. Oops.

PPS. Hang in there Louisiana. Let’s just hope there is relief money left over from the war.

3 Responses to “Our Wedding Shower”

  • y’all clean up rill nice-like.

  • Congrats you guys! I’m glad it all went really well and that Emily was reasonably surprised.

    Mat, I’m so glad you’ve included me in your daily blog entries, I feel like I know what’s going on in your life. You look so mature and so happy. Congrats again.


    P.S. I love the little sliver of the living room that I saw. Very Nice.

  • um quick question, did you possibly comment on my blog accidently as me, because i have 3 comments from an IP address in the DC area that all say David as the author. and that would be me. not me.

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