what do you have? a tape worm?

isawyouwithaticketstubinyourhand (13k image)Today at work one of my co-workers asked me, “You dont have a problem buying a VW, be it that it’s a German car?” I said, “No. I have no problem with that.” And we went on to talk about it for a little. It was kind of interesting the things that goys think. Especially one’s that dont have many Jewish peeps. I think people who have issues with shit that happened 70 years ago have problems. Similarly to those people who show up on those talk shows who cant get over things that happened in high school. Get the fuck over it man. Get on with your live and start living. Yeah, some fucked up ignorant idiot German’s fucked with and killed a lot of my people (as well as countless other minority groups), but those people are now long dead and the country has moved on. And people know how fucked up it was. Sure there are neo-nazi’s everywhere. Some in Germany. But is that a reason to not buy a car? Holy fuck. The fucking tape machine was invented by Hitler. Remember in history class they’d talk about Hitler giving speeches only minutes apart in cities 200 miles apart. People didnt get how he did it. Um….perhaps the tape machine was used. Luckily we (the Americans) stole the idea and took full credit! Yes, we rule. Or something. So yeah, if anything Hitler gave us some good stuff: Tape Machines, Einstein, and a reason to use the word fag. That’s about it.

The wedding weekend has begun. I am off tomorrow. And half of monday. I have prepared my speech. But i’ve already sorta worked out my pseudo-speech. I will point to Scott (my sister’s soon to be hubby) and say 3 simple words, “Dont fuck up!” Luckily when i agreed to be in the wedding i said i would do it provided i didnt have to give any lame ass unforgettable speeches. Lucky for them.

R.I.P. DeeDee Ramone.

Mat:: hey…did u ever figure out the problem?

Tom:: Yes. The whatchamacallit woodn’t let the whichamadoodle take a picture. The shutter release required a minor internal adjustment. I have your 124-G back together and a roll of B&W film in it. I will take the film in tomorrow for developing. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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  • Yeah, the guy who rear-ended me last week apparently has no insurance.
    So he proposed we go on Judge Judy, cause "they pay you money to go on!".
    He said he’d take all the ridicule and blame, and he’d let me have all the money.

    I told him I don’t think they’d pay nearly enough to cover the estimated $3000 he’ll owe me.
    Besides, who wants to be seen on that show?!?

    He was *dead* serious about Judge Judy.

  • dude, that’s the funniest thing ever…so you are going to take him to a normal court and get him for all he’s worth, right?

    no issurance?!

    so tennessee!


  • it’s completely two separate issues. I mean, there are and were German Jews as well. That’s like asking a Catholic if he is uncomfortable buying a Texan car. Okay, maybe not quite like that, but you see the point.

  • PS! Shit! The fucker who hit me last summer had no insurance either. What if it’s the same dude, travelling the country, hittting peeps… (duh duh DUUUUNNNNHHH! cue diabolical music)

  • 🙂



    Maybe I should have said Tennessee instead???

    elle-a fitzgerald

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