What Is A Fuck Buddy?

The countdown has begun. It’s less than 30 days until our wedding. Not that the countdown hasn’t been in effect for the past 8 months? Ok, 9 months. Right now I am deeply involved with composing the soundtrack for the Wedding Weekend. For the actual reception it’s going to be predominately Soul and Funk music from the 60s and 70s. If anyone has something outside of the obvious to suggest, please by all means. For example, instead of the Pointer Sisters’ obvious Neutron Dance, I’d suggest Automatic. Feetnik is so on the money. It’s recognizable and obvious, but it’s not cliche. The Cocktail music after the ceremony will revolve primarily around music from the 40s and 50s, along the likes of Command Records’ music a la Enoch Light and Esquival and a touch of post-punk instrumentals added in there a la Tortoise and Isotope 217. Still deciding on the structure on the dinner music. Of course revolving on music with little lyrics, but I am on it… The rest of the weekend, will probably me more music that is general. Music from all times and genres. But of course tons of Prince and Daryl Hall and John Oates’ Private Eyes, which definately has the best hand claps in a pop song from the 80s.

In other news I had my last show with Communist Bakesale. Well at least until after the wedding and honeymoon. We had a double header. The first show was down the street for the Takoma DC Picnic. It was just fun. And neat to play outside in a park. It was an interesting late-show in Waynesboro, VA, however. Yeah Virginia, not Pennsylvania. Tons of hippies and even a few Hecht’s Hippies. You know the types. The ones that just heard Phish this past month and got some tye dyed t-shirt at a department store with their mother’s credit card. Which is worse, a normal hippie or those? I can’t tell you. It’s a hard one. Regardless, it was a pretty decent show and the soundmen did a matrix recording that I am anxious to hear. Yes, there was a soundman who gave us all a different mix on stage. I love that. A nice farewell to playing music for a few months. Not to mention a nice callous developed on my right index finger.

Housekeeping: Working on a new layout for OM. Bear with it. Or go away.

Journal: Went to dinner at Ledo’s with Eric and Erika on Friday to catch up. Dinner took 90 minutes to arrive. It was painful. I wanted to piss on the money before paying our waitress. Needless to say, the service sucked my asshole. But catching up with Eric and Erika was awesome. And today we went to brunch with David and Catherine at the Tastee Diner (i so love they have a website) in Silver Spring. We also went to the open house behind our house. The house was cute.

I see you, you see me

PS. Does anyone have a laptop I can borrow for a night to transfer a few LPs to my iPod for the wedding? I will be forever grateful.

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  • Well, my knowledge of 70s funk isn’t quite where it should be, but Parliament’s “Handcuffs” is probably a nice fit, if taken in the right spirit. 😉

  • Nice title LOL, thats sure to bring alot of search result visitors 😉 Love the new site layout too. I’m working on a new one too, mine is a long way off though =/

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