World Domination Of The Ant

Today after work we went to the Co-op for some groceries.

We got the usuals. Bread. Yogurt. Organic Deli Meat. Some frozen stuff. Cottage cheese. Eggs. Large. Bulk granular sugar (Bin 3313) and bulk dried apples. And one can of refried black beans to add to Emily’s stockpile for the 2nd coming of Christ. To mention a few selections of our grocery delight.

When we got to the check-out counter we noticed the tape that you put on the bag for the sugar so the cashier knows what number to punch in had fallen off. It was kind of strange.

When we got home, we had our asian tofu noodle thing with two vegan egg rolls. I had a Foggy Botton lager in our new beer mugs. (Thanks Lith) Emily had some sort of ice-t. Barley might have veen involved in the deal.

Then we or rather I got in to a discussion about out smarting our new house guests. The ants have pitched their tent in our kitchen. Again. So I had thought about getting inside the ant’s mind. Not thinking reactionary, but more like how Hannibal Lechter would think. Instead of simply watching Emily kill the ants she sees and just dropping them back on the floor for their comrades to see and be distrought over I have come up with another plan. A plain ant genocide is too old school. It’s ineffective in this day and age. The idea is to dispose of the ants other ways. Make them disappear. Perhaps in the disposal. Perhaps burning them. Or maybe just in the trash can. That way the ants will slowly disappear and it wont be apparent to the other ants what is happening. They will think it’s the aliens. And you know aliens means anal prodding and then the ants will go away. End of story.

Oh yeah, and the 3313 sugar tag somehow got stuck to my tummy. Go figure.

And check out this link. I beat out the Village Voice in google. Suck that.

4 Responses to “World Domination Of The Ant”

  • Just because you posted this your google ranking went down and the Village Voice is on top again LOL

    As far as the ant thing goes, I suggest you recruit some navy seals or green beret’s to sneak in there mission impossible style and just start picking ant’s off one by one. You will either get rid of them all or the rest will flee for thier life, thats when you bust out with the snipers *grin*

  • it’s where the sugar goes!

    And PS. it was TWO cans of BAKED beans and i’m eating one of them right now and i see no armageddon nearby. so puh!

  • I occassionally have the same issue and usually, I use something called “Terro”. It’s in an orange box with borax in it. It’s interesting, you see them all circled around the stuff then a couple of hours later, nuthin. If you want to get rid of them, it works well and it’s not an icky spray that gets everywhere. You put a drop of it on a piece of paper or a little cardboard piece and they flock to it.

  • What the F is a REBUID!!!!!!!!!!


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