The Wines Are Done

Last night we went to Sputnik again to finish doing the wine tasting. We did red wines. I know very little about red wines. But then again, I really shouldn’t know much about them as I don’t really get in to red wines much. Usually tastes like battery acid to me. But we found a few. And one with a flying saucer on the label that wasn’t too bad. Yay!

We also added another beer. We’re adding a Double Boch that will take the place of some of the Ales we got. No swill at this taco stand, thank you!


We’re now official alcoholics.

PS. Sorry about the Pat Robertson post. My mistake. Been a cluster this week. Can’t tell which way is up.

PPS. If you are due up for a new needle for your phonograph, make sure to get a Grado. I just bought their cheapest one from AudioAdvisor and it came yesterday and I tried it out and I was completely blown away. I’ve never heard vinyl sound this good. It clearly can sound better than the CD format. However I can’t imagine all music will sound better. And crazy because my Techniques isnt that great either. $40 is a great investment for such a powerful punch.

2 Responses to “The Wines Are Done”

  • red wines are where “it” is “at”, and a flying saucer is total bot.

    i can’t wait!

  • Dude F’ Yeah!! i love my Grado needle. I think i have either the cheapest one or one that was liek 10 bucks more than the cheapest one.

    Those things freakin rock ass. I can’t remember exactly where i read teh review that said they were awesome.. but damn it was right on.

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