Space Age Bachelor Pad Music

Saturday was my Surprise Bachelor Party.

It was in Gapland, MD with a bunch of my friends at The Maple Tree Camp. We camped and got to use our new tent. It’s amazing and so light. Did some white-water rafting with River and Trail down the Potomac River in West Virginia, drank some beers and had a great time. And we also biked down the C&O Canal which was completely amazing.

A complete surprise. 100% surprise. In fact it was my first surprise party ever. Thanks so much Amy and everyone else involved in the planning not to mention coming and sharing this event with me. We have the coolest friends and family.

Yay camping. Yay friends. Yay family. Yay wedding. It was the best possible bachelor party I could ever have wanted.

Mad props to David for the family Kodak Tourist Camera.

Pictures below. More to come.

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