Pertinent Percussion Cha-Cha’s

Last night and the night before was spent using Eric’s laptop and his ProTools/M-Box configuration so I could transfer my Command Records records to my iPod. It was a pretty tedious task, but it’s going to be well worth it during the cocktail hour at our Wedding. Trust me. Frankly the music is insanely good and the audio quality & characteristics have yet to be surpassed 50+ years later.

If you care, the chain was: Grado Prestige Black Cartridge -> Techniques Direct Drive Turntable -> Music Fidelity A3 Integrated Amp -> Digidesign Mbox -> Dell Laptop -> CD-R -> Apple’s iTunes -> Apple’s iPod Photo. There you have it.

It was a pretty tedious task.

Mad props to Eric for the use of his porta-studio setup and to Lisa and her wonderful Mother for the donations to my record collection. I don’t think Lisa’s Mother fully comprehends the joy these records give me. So again I give her mad props.

And sometime last night Emily’s father came by to record a song he used to sing Emily to sleep with. It was great timing that we had Eric’s porta-studio at my house, so the quality is excellent. It was too bad my studio isn’t up and running, but Eric’s setup worked wonderfully. I love my Studio Projects mic. It makes everyone sound like James Earl Jones. The song took a few takes to get right. The voice sax was tricky. As it always is. However, it sounded great and it’s just so cute that they are going to dance to it at the Wedding.

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  • aww… my mom would be so happy to know that you’re getting good use out of her records. Some of those poor things were just lonely and in need of some TLC. Some were just torn up. Anyway, they wouldn’t have gone to anyone else, she adores you almost as much as I do!


  • i am so going to tear up when i hear that.

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