ego tripping at the gates of hell

flips150 (16k image)01 My sister got married. She doesnt have my last name anymore. Very weird. The wedding rocked. Super mad cool seeing all my crazy family. Pictures to come. Happy Lith!

02 I lost my driver’s license. Actually i just left it in the rental tux. Ooops. So i had to rock the DMV to get my replacement. I love the Express DMV. In fact i dont think i’ve ever spent more than 30 minutes in a DMV contrary to the stereotypes.

03 Just got the new Flaming Lips 3 song advance CD from my most favorite Music Director, LeeAnn. I love this band more than life. Even more excited that DC101 has added it to the New Music Mart on Sunday nights. So happy about that. Originally i was drawn to them for the furiously amazing drums. Larger than life. But their songs started rocking me too. It’s emo man. Wayne has feelings. Wayne sure knows how to write a ditty. And he talks about spiders and spacemen. The new stuff is great. Very mello and chill. I am mad they arent coming to DC on this tour with De la Soul. Maybe i’ll go to NYC for one of them. There are two sorts of people. Those who understand the Lips and those who are afraid.

doyourealize (13k image)

04 I saw the Mothman Prophecies last night with Emily. Tres creepy. Definately reminded me of a good 4rd Season X-Files.

05 Daniel is in the house. Actually, just Baltimore. He’s gonna be a Baltimoron this week. And he’s gonna help me move on Monday too! Yeah moving! Skylab on wheels yet again.

:: what kind of car should mat get?

29.1% :: pontiac trans am
20.8% :: vw jetta
20.8% :: hearse
20.8% :: german opal
08.3% :: cadillac deville

:: Total Votes: 48

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