From An Internet Center In Seville

Hi everybody!

Writing to you from Seville, Spain… after a looong journey from Lagos on the Algarve coast in Southern Portugal. Took trains (and pooped in a squater!), ferries and buses to get here. We had thought we might zip up to Barcelona fter this but have decided to stay and relax for a few days here before heading off to Gibraltar and Morocco. This traveling stuff can really wear you out! (Boo hoo, poor us!)

Flew into Lisbon Tuesday morning from Newark. (Best tip yet: ordered a Kosher meal for the flight and it was amazing! Served first, was yummy AND non-trayf!) Had a gorgeous room with a view and tons of sunlight overlooking the city in Lisbon. Spent a couple days wandering around, listening to and learning about fado (the Lisbon folk/blues music) and eating eating eating. Then caught a bus to the Algarve in the South. We stayed in Lagos, which was okay – a little too party beach town for us, but we rented a scooter and spent a gorgeous day exploring the coast. Lots of tiny cove beaches and hidden inlets. And Mat´s quite the moped daredevil. (Just kidding, Mom – we´re very safe!) Ate lots of smoked ham wih melon. Learned some Portuguese. Now we´re trying to retrain our brains for the Spanish. Very similar, but totally different pronunciations.

Decided to leave for Seville yesterday but found out we were going to be stuck in the party beach town for two more days till the next direct bus so took a long roundabout route to get here a day earlier. Spent last night in a tiny little border town called Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Checked into a hotel that reminded us way too much of “The Shining” and immediately checked out. Very bizarre little town. We both agree we would never have made it out of that haunted hotel without an exorcism!

So that´s about it! Keep writing – we love getting your messages whenever we can find an Internet place. Still more adventures to be had and we´ll be home in three weeks!

Oh! And we´ve now been married for ONE WHOLE WEEK! The wedding and Cambridge seem like ages ago, but we´re still processing all the little details of the weekend. Everyone was amazing with all their help and love and support and we can´t even begin to thank them enough. It was the most amazing and moving experience for both of us.

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