The Wedding

It’s quite overwhelming to even attempt writing about the Wedding. It really feels like so long ago, when in reality we just had our one monthiversary.

I will try and recap it to the best of my shaky memory.

Thursday Zack was supposed to come to our house at the break of dawn. He actually missed his cocaine bus and subsequently got on the 6am trip. He got to our house around 9am. He is the mad trooper of the family. I really must find out what he’s on. At some other point during the day we went to Costco and to pick the sunflowers that actually had already been picked by the farm that grew them for us. Zack is definitely my favorite Best-Person Beta.

Friday was the Open House and Crab Feast day. But we still had a ton of stuff to do during the day and it was my job to hit up Costco with my other Best-Person, Amy. Best-Person Alpha. She actually had a great idea of buying tampons and maxi-pads. Regretfully no one needed to use them, but I felt confident in the fact that if someone’s flow came, we’d be prepared like Cub Scouts. It was so nice spending time with Amy and Zack at Costco, even though it was shopping. Oh yeah, and afterwards we both had hot-dogs and cokes while I talked to Candy on the phone. I totally thought it was going to make my tummy explode, but I kept it together. Actually, Zack didn’t make it to Costco with me; he was in fact at home baking the vege-lasagna with Emily.

My first memory of getting to Swan Cove was seeing Mark and Maria on the docks. It was their anniversary and I am sure needed some time alone. Then everyone else came in to play. And the rain came down. The next memory I have is of Kris outside in the pouring rain grilling chicken fillets and smoking a butt. Man he is a trooper. And one helluva Chef. The best step-brother-in-law a man could ask for. Then there was Zack and Mark making the vegekabobs. And someone was out getting the Crabs. I think it was John and Sara. The rest of the day is kind of a blur. There was rain. There was food. We made announcements. There were about 25% of the people who pussied out and didn’t come because of the rain. Boohoo! Then we partied out on the deck until the wee hours of the night.

At some point everyone went to bed and I was out there on the porch wandering around aimlessly. Then I saw headlights and remembered that Ely, Candy and Feetnik would be arriving strangely around now. It was them and it was great I stayed up to hang out with them for a bit. It was so great to see them. And then I tucked them in. I found a love seat couch and slept on it until around 7am when the door kept on opening from the wind, until I locked it. I am a great fucking Engineer. And one who can’t hold his liquor. Spins are not fun. Then I had the bright idea to move to a bed. In which I was successful. Yay bed. But good idea Emily. It was nice having the night alone before the Wedding.

Saturday was Wedding Day. The accumulation of many many many months if not years of preparation. It all came together. Seriously. Feetnik did my hair and made my boutonniere (which I thought was a really great sentiment). Bonnie made the flower arrangements. Eric set up the PA and recording gear. David also helped with the PA and managed the iPod. Catherine directed the whole shebang and fucked shit up when need be. Sara trimmed my side burns. John helped me get dressed. I saw Tolya in her bra. Billy and Annette put the Chuppah together. Marisa did Emily’s makeup. Feetnik and John did my hair. It was amazing. Our friends and family really know how to get it together. And thanks to everyone who made the time to make a Chuppah square. And mad thanks to Jessie for completing one with such short notice. The squares are all amazing. Amazing!

So before the Wedding we go with the photographer and took some pictures with my beautiful soon-to-be Wife. I think the photographer ran over the deck with his car, but it’s kind of a blur. By the time Emily kissed me a few times, her lipstick was perfect. She was amazing. To die for. I just had to marry her. A simple request. Anyways. So I got in the kitchen tent with everyone and lined up with everyone else. As soon as my Mother and Father escorted me in to the main tent, I was in tears. It was so overwhelming. I don’t think the tears ended until after the ceremony. I did miss breaking the glass the first time. Damn votive. What was my Mother thinking?! Oh and the music was amazing. I got to hear a bit of it from the kitchen tent when I could sneak a peak and when the coffee urns weren’t kicking off the low amperage circuit breaker. And thanks Mark for the Philip Glass, as hinted at. Candy and Mark also played a Cat Stevens song called “Here Comes By Baby” – It was fun and a few of our friends also played shakers on the 2 & 4. Emily’s mother was feeling pretty avant that night was did her interpretation of Frank Zappa’s “Approximate” on the hand claps alone. Good god!

The party was amazing. I was so nervous no one would dance and get in to the music. But it was quite the opposite. Everyone got it in to and had their dancing shoes on. The Sex Machine was a perpetual motion machine. The element I spent the most time on was completed. It ruled. And I even shook my booty a little bit. It was hard not to. Props to Feetnik for the 80s and disco music. And props to Eric and David for setting up the PA. It’s rare I delegate such tasks, but I had the utmost confidence. I couldn’t have done it without you. And thank you to Apple for bringing me the iPod. I haven’t listened to music like this before in years.

I did hear rumors that during the cocktail part that the rains cleared and people hung out on the docks. Which sounded nice and wish I could have been a part of that. Then of course the rain came right back.

Of course every good party has an after party. And a party it was. Beers and wines were drank. There was David Bowie and James Brown. It was splendid. A great way to top off the weekend.

There was a brunch on Sunday, but nothing was really momentous except for finding out that Kris proposed to his girlfriend. We’re so happy for the both of them. They are such an awesome couple and it seems we started a tradition with getting engaged at Tolya’s wedding and now Kris got engaged at our wedding. Let’s hope it continues. Yay Kris and Michelle!

I just can’t help but thanks everyone involved once more. THANK YOU. You all were great and we can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedules to make our special day that much more special.

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