erotic city

mat and his assSoundtrack of the Day: U2, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Macy Gray, Tortoise + The Ex = Tortex, Can, Poster Children, The Roots, & The Pixies.

Well Kim just dropped me off. We just got back from the Chris Whitley show. As you all may know Yuval Gabay and Mr. Sebastian Steinberg played drums and bass respectively with Mr. Whitley. Yuval and Sebastian also played with the late Soul Coughing. Wow. What a great show. Chris played the many guitars like it was no one’s business. He played it like a jazz instrument in a way that was incredibly profound and eclectically sporadic. Imagine Charles Mingus on guitar having a seizure. But add a tremendous amount of Jimi Hendirx blues. It was fab none the less. And the covers tunes alone were enough to make me buy his record. His covers were “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed and “Erotic City” by Prince. Damn. Sebastian played the dope-ass synth line with his bass. Tres good. If you can see them, do yourself a favor. Check

Mad props to Adrienne for the Doughty CD and the Ass. Anyone who sends me an Ass is cool in my book! Plus it’s cute and cudily. Props! Mad ones. And mad, nutty coo-ky props go out to Kate who is our loving and dedicated soul sista out of Brisbane, Australia. She sends me the best postcards ever. Keep the mail coming! You guys totally know how to make mat smile. I feel like a Twizzler. In fact I am a Twizzler. Mat = Twizzler. Do the math.

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