Comment This

And now for some housekeeping.

My 2-year-old OM project is completed. I finally successfully manually transfered over all the comments from the old journal software I used in 2000 and 2001 from backup-ed archives. My god it feels nice. Apologies if you got random emails.

So to sum up, there are currently 1,480 posts and 2,760 comments. This equates to 1.86 comments per posts. It’s not bad.

Here’s the breakdown of the Top 10 commenters, sans me:

  1. elle (252)
  2. daniel. (244)
  3. emily (216)
  4. al (121)
  5. Joey O (116)
  6. feetnik (103)
  7. Eric (103)
  8. Mike (98)
  9. Heidi (92)
  10. jessica (44)

Anyways… Enjoy the comments and feel free to check back in to the Archives. Some of those Elle posts are sick.

Please also enjoy all the excellent and newly uploaded photos from the Wedding Weekend. Mad props to John!!!

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