Mat and Catherine at DC9

Not sure what it is, but there’s something about this picture shot at DC9 in DC I really like. I think this was one of the two shows I played with David’s band, the Jones. Is it the grey/blue hair of mine? Or is it the perplexed look on Catherine’s face as I talk about psychoacoustics in the world today?

You can view David’s photoblog here.

And I just read that R.L. Burnside died a month before our wedding. I can’t believe I am just finding out. He will be missed. 🙁 And speaking of dirty. You must go see or rather rent A Dirty Shame written and directed by John Waters. It’s so funny and so goddam bizzare. Yay Baltimore. John Waters is back. And he’s sicker than ever. And Emily and I just figured out that John Waters reminds us a lot like John Donges. Not really his looks, but the way he talks to matter of fact about everything. I [heart] John and his awfully hard to pronounce full name.

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