my cat nip is still alive

poop150 (12k image)Last night::

-picked up new car
-yum, car smell
-put in 6 discs in my changer
-drove to pick up emily
-put in a load of laundry
-went to baltimore to meet daniel
-ate at the bestest afghan place called the helmand
-drove around baltimore for 2 hours to give daniel the super tour
-came back to emily’s place in takoma park
-read my car manual, and felt like a true dude


-going to gaithersburg to visit with the family’s house i am taking care of for the next year or so
-meeting up with daniel and laura to do the music store tour
-guitar center in rockville; chuck levin’s in weaton; atomic music in college park
-meeting up with emily to go to ikea
-going downtown to see cake
-fun filled weekend of friends, rock and moving…

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