Who can trust a cop who don’t take money?

Well, we did it again.

This time we made a reservation so we didn’t have to go in on the waiting list. We went to Burrito Brothers for dinner and then walked down the street to the Library of Congress to see another movie that is up for being added to the Collection in the Film Registry.

Tonight’s movie was Serpico. Al Pacino is just amazing. You can’t really ever talk too much about him. He just simply blows me away. I forget I am watching an actor. Regardless, the movie was phenomenal and portrayed such a corrupt and interesting part of history. Yay corruption.

What was even cooler was that one of the curators spoke before the film and talked smack about our fearless leader and talked about all the parallels of corruption. Yeah, in a Government building. It was tres cool. He also spliced a Warner Bros. cartoon in the beginning. Woo! Hair-abian Nights was the name of it. Yay Bugs.

Oh yeah, and it’s DC, so security is amazing. Not good amazing, but kinda excessive and counter-productive amazing. So as we’re leaving the Library a security guard asks us to open our bags. He just kinda peeks in a bit. What the fuck?! Like I am going to steal a book from the “Library.” Sheeeesh!

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