Oh no you didn’t…

I got to Adam’s Morgan around 10.30pm. I drove around the block a few times looking for the Golden Spot. Sometimes you just find it in 3 minutes. Sometimes you have to circle for 1 hour. It’s Adam’s Morgan and you deal. Why they never built a Metro at Colorado and 18th Street is beyond me. But anyways, I finally see a car with New York plates trying to attempt to get out of their spot in which they probably could have fit two of their cars. Long Island anyone? Anyways, I am sitting here waiting with my blinkers on as the car pulls away leaving me a perfectly decent spot to parallel park in. I move up to the next car to align myself when this car full of ladies decides it’s their spot. What the fuck?! Oh no you didn’t. So after a few seconds of a serious and violent stare down which seemed to last an eternity, they backed off. Damn straight. Those few seconds were pretty intense, as the driver felt she was entitled to it and looked like she was going to draw fist on my skinny ass. And her passenger was actually looking like she was telling her the spot wasn’t hers, but the driver wouldn’t hear it. Regardless, I got my spot and found it in under 10 minutes which was great. And it was only 1 block from the bar.

And in sleep news: It never fails. I go to bed at 4am after a show and some drinking and then I take up at 8am. What the hell.

The show was good. Not great. I was pretty sloppy. But I survived and pulled it off considering I hadn’t really played the drums in 5 weeks and my calouses had gone soft. In other drum related news, I think I need to see a chiropractor. Am I getting old? Ack!

And props to Feetnik (and Gordon/Joe) and David R. for coming out last night… And of course the regulars…

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