Chicago People

I certainly never thought this day would come.

Tonight, I purchased my first record from iTunes. I received $40 in gift certificates when we bought the iPod. So I thought it had been around six months or so and it was time. I was thinking some Raymond Scott would be nice, but you can’t get the whole record. I really want to get Soothing Sounds For Baby. But of course they didn’t have it. The record they did have was one you had to buy the tracks separately and that’s just silly. So I hit up Ely and Heidi. Heidi’s last pick did it for me. I was looking for something jazzy and new and in-tune with the weather Sam Prekop’s new record called Who’s Your New Professor did it for me. Totally perfect for this time of year. Not to mention it’s snowing. First snow of the year! It’s perfect. So history was made today and Heidi held my hand as I was de-virginized with iTunes. Amazing.

Now to find the liner notes. Ugh.

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