Spring Break ’98!

Ok. For the record:
I went to 4 colleges. So did Emily. But this is my story, today. I almost don’t understand people who go to one school and graduate in 4 years. It’s like, “Where did your college experience go?!” Anyways, to each their own! I certainly shouldn’t be telling people how to experience college.

To recap:

  1. University of Hartford (kinda originally a music major, then I was acoustic engineering, then I was artist management – I think I went to class sometimes)
  2. Montgomery College (english/history classes during summers)
  3. Northern Virginia (Associates in Recording Engineering)
  4. Middle Tennessee State University (originally Music Production and Technology, then finally got my degree in Music Business)

So it was a long and tiresome road and 1406 Major changes and 15 or so bands and a few girlfriends, but a lot of fun times were had. A LOT. In fact most of it was pretty fun. And I have already culminated the older photos. But I promised a few people I would get my MTSU-era pictures up and since we recently got a new scanner, I thought I’d update it all. So I give you, in no particular order, Mat : 1997-2000. A Final College Retrospect. Please enjoy, but please, not too much. And no, I am not growing the ‘fro back again.

8 Responses to “Spring Break ’98!”

  • Hahaha…me and my St Mary’s friends maintain that anyone who didn’t go to SMC missed out on the only kinda fun there is in this world 🙂

  • you mean hunting and off-roading?!

    a guess a different kind of fun… i would have felt too isolated out there… but if i got in to hunting and off-roading, man, i would have loved it! 😉

    like i should talk, i went to school in the Nashville ‘burbs…

  • Hunting and offroading? More like partying with period dressers in the historic replica of St Mary’s, MD at 5 a.m. when you’re sufficiently confused as to whether it’s you or them who is temporally out of place 😉

  • Hehe, I didn’t mean YOU did that. I meant that is what the *locals* would do.

    But Ack! People who dress in period costumes kinda freak me out. Like Renaissance Festival people… They are like carnies with bad accents.

    But yeah, I think most college “experiences” are pretty similar… sans the scenery.

  • Hehehe…I would LOVE to find another college that is anything like St Mary’s. Not that it’s better than anywhere else, but I’ve come across few groups that were as like-mindedly bizarre and obsessively fun-loving as the people I met there.

    I hear ya on period dressers. The only cool thing about these people was that they actually lived the colonial life. They worked the farms, there was an indian village, they worked in the town, etc. It was pretty amazing, and under certain circumstances, VERY convincing. They weren’t all goth and weird, they were more like anthropological actors.

  • yeah, most colleges i went to had those kind of people you described (like-mindedly bizarre, etc)

    i think it was just just a bit harder in TN than in CT…

    it would be awesome if it was unique to the liberal arts colleges we attended…

    and of course there ware no interesting people at montgomery college… but that’s expected.

  • i really didn’t have a college experience and i was in college for 7 years.

  • Man, I graduated in 4 years–even spending one studying abroad. I never understood why people took so long, but I kind of just picked a path and stuck with it. But I had college experiences–my sister once made me go to a frat party!

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