10 Things Meme

Ten Things I Assume You Know About Me

  1. I am first and foremost an Engineer and run my own recording studio (currently being rebuilt…) and sometimes need to remind myself of this fact.
  2. I’ve been doing this journal thing for a little over 5 years which makes my dork factor slightly higher than yours. And I can’t stand the words “meme” and “blog”.
  3. My (slightly unhealthy) obsessions include: finding old and most often un-usable cameras, psychoacoustics and audio, Frank Zappa/Brian Eno/ Prince and my digestive system.
  4. I am married to a wonderful wonderful lady with whom we share each other’s last names.
  5. I have severe allergies to pussy cats and I live with two of them.
  6. I don’t really consider myself religious and most religion bores me to no end, however I identify immensely with my Jewish heritage.
  7. I have lived in the Yankee North and the Dirty South and like it somewhere in the middle. Washington DC does it for me in all aspects. But I eventually would like to live on a farm in Western Massachusetts.
  8. Minidisc recorders are still amazing to me and I frequently use mine to gather sounds.
  9. My body produces a tiny amount of lactase which is the enzyme that breaks down lactose, which equates me to being labeled, “Lactose Intolerant”. I can however eat regular (non-diet) ice cream (due to the high fat content) and cottage cheese (due to the whey draining process) and good yogurt (from the active cultures). What’s interesting is that people who can digest lactose after they are 4 years of age have had a genetic mutation, as the lactase in your body pretty much stops being produced after that age in most humans. So, yes, you are a mutant. Deal with it. And enjoy your mutant food!
  10. I’ve become more political over the years and lean towards civil liberties and Federally funded social programs which, I presume labels me a liberal. I consider myself “normal.” I might be a little more “conservative” when it comes to business and investing. Bite me.

2 Responses to “10 Things Meme”

  • my lactose intolerance is completely opposite….
    i *cannot* eat ice cream or yogurt – regardless of how many lactaid pills i pop. regardless.
    i don’t get it… nutritionists are even surprised by this…

    p.s. – did you know costco has their own version of lactaid, and you get twice as many pills for half the price? it’s awesome!

  • have you tried organic yogurt? very weird… it almost makes no sense in regards to lactose content… it almost seems like it’s something else in those products… but i am no nutritionist…

    haven’t tried costco (not a member or whatever)… but i’ve been using CVS brand for years… buying “Lactaid” is just silly…

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