…But Still Sends Area Residents Into A Frenzy

It snowed. Yay! I love winter. Not to mention snowy one’s.

This town amazes me. We get a prediction of 3-6 inches (I heard one prediction of up to 8 inches) of snow and people freak out. A prediction, let me remind you. People passing notes around work at the first sign of a snowflake and then a first class ticket home. I kid you not, it was a ghosttown here at 3pm yesterday. Dude, what’s your deal? I can sorta understand your problem if you live in Frederick and by the time you get out there, there is a possibility it could be bad, but Frederick isn’t a rural area anymore. It’s a DC (GASP!) ‘burb. Crazy, huh?!

But yeah, I got to thinking last night with Emily on our way to Trader Joe’s that a possible reason people are so freaked out and skittish by the thought of snow here in DC is that it’s such a melting pot of different cultures from different lands. At least that was my thought last night. Something I had never really thought about. Maybe it’s true, maybe Washingtonians are simple snow pussies. But it’s not like we never get snow. Regardless, a prediction of 3-6 inches of snow when it’s 38 degrees out and then going home early is asinine. Not to mention there were school closings and delays this morning. And to recap there was about 3 inches of snow that fell in our lovely Nation’s Capitol and it didn’t even really stick to the street. What the hell! It’s not like we live in Florida. (No offense Ely)

However, I am just simply happy it snowed. (But you all are a bunch of pussies!)

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones. – John Cage (1912 – 1992)

6 Responses to “…But Still Sends Area Residents Into A Frenzy”

  • Yeah, well — it’s not like the media plays it up any! “Snow! Will make the commute home dangerous! Schools are already closing! Buy water!”

    Last season, remember, we had several “blizzard” scare and I saw what — two inches of snow the whole season? I think each winter event is hyped to the hilt for radio ratings.

  • Was that the Trader Joes on colesville! ;). You probably just missed Laurie and I. Though i think we went to Giant last night for stuff instead of trader joes, but I was thinking of going there though!!

  • It was! We were there around 7.30pm. So random! What were you doing out there?!

  • Speak the truth my homey! I live in Frederick and it wasn’t that bad at all. In fact, if anyone of the fleeing lemmings paid any attention to the predictions, it was south of the DC area that was supposed to get hit not north (which is usually the case. Ugh. I still work in radio and you can’t imagine the number of closings and cancellations all because of some hysteria. I mean, I don’t promo the snow like it’s an apocalypse…instead, I talk about what’s forecast and usually I try to be a little funny about it mentioning that we did snow last year…but people don’t quite get it. They call, they freak out, they leave work early and clog the roads, grocery stores etc., all for what 3 inches?!!! Oh, Please!!!!

    Ahem, sorry… Feel free to knock me off my soapbox anytime now…thanks for listening.

  • hey mat… i understand what you’re saying… i live out in western maryland… people freak out about snow here as well. we didn’t get any though. just some flurries. i hope we get a big ol’ blizzard this winter!

  • In response to mat wondering what i was doing out there. Well i was hanging out with Laurie! … she rents a room in a house right off colesville currently, like a 1 Mile from that trader joes. (that is of course until we move in on the 28th of december to columbia)

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