My milkshake, it’s better than yours.

This morning, my carpoolmate was telling me about a women’s conference she went to in which the speaker described a study focused on the bit of tissue that connects the right brain and left brain and that it is frequently thicker in women than in men. This apparently suggests a physiological explanation for what I always knew to be true…

I have big huge thoughts that require a grey matter superhighway.

Yes, I do.

Yes, I am the same person who peed through my underwear.

No, I really have big thoughts. My big thoughts have nothing to do with my hand-waist coordination.

Anyway, they think this explains why women tend to be better multitaskers and can more effectively handle multiple simultaneous and diverse stimuli and men tend to be better at managing single-focus tasks. In other words, now I understand why I find open containers of cookies and candy all over the house with no Mat in sight.

He got distracted. (Damn those stimuli.)

On the other hand, it also explains why I have a hard time designing a web site without being able to simultaneously code it. My cranial halves need to talk to each other. They get lonely and refuse to talk otherwise. They’re like chummy little bowls of jelly and they just can’t get any work done if they can’t work together. I wonder if I can put on my resume that my brains are team players.

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