i saw the light.

god bless mr dan. (7k image)rather than talking about my week in baltimore….i will tell you this story. my company’s office is located in an old warehouse that has been converted into a car wash….yes, that was my reaction too. the car wash closes at five during the week. last tuesday, i was sitting in the office at about 5:30pm. waiting for one final call so i could call it a day. i look out the window and i see this big tractor trailer pull into the lot. this burly guy gets out of the cab and starts walking towards the door. i walk out to meet him. he shows me this ragged piece of paper with bad directions on it. he’s lost. so am i. so i let him come into the office to use the phone.

this is where it gets good.

as he’s talking to his dispatcher….i size him up. he’s wearing an old white t shirt, which is now gray and yellow from dirt and sweat….as are his jeans….and they look as if they were once acid wash. rockin’. i look down at his feet to see just that….his feet. no shoes. just ugly ugly feet. i take a step back and prepare to possibly defend myself, as i do not know what the fuck this guy is doing. he gets off the phone and thanks me for my time. he leaves. i go back to work. two minutes later, i hear the door of the trailer’s cab open and close again. i look out the window….here he comes again. fuck. now i REALLY get ready for some shit. he walks into the office with a big smile on his face. i relax….a little. he asks me what my name is. i replied, “daniel.” he whips out this paper and proceeds to write “MR DAN” on it. he mumbles something and then drops to his knees. he prays aloud while i stand there desperately looking for someone….ANYONE….to witness this awesome event. he keeps referring to me as “mr dan.” and he tells me that i am blessed. yes, i truly am. he hands me some papers and leaves. gone. into the night.

the papers explain who he is and what he does. his name is dr jon van hall, sr. he is the barefoot prophet. he is with the church of all people of apostles faith, inc. god has spoken to him. and apparently, god hates nike.

this is one of the reasons i am moving to baltimore.

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