The War on Christmas

Perhaps I am a little late. However I only browse this site every few months.

The truth is, anytime someone starts talking to you about how Christians are persecuted in the United States, you are — right then and right there — talking to a retard.

Quite possibly the most intelligent organization of words I’ve seen from I don’t really have an opinion on what’s going on now with all this “Holiday” stuff. Oh who am I kidding? Of course I do. I just get a little irked when people associate Channukah with Christmas. The only similarity is that they typically happen in late December. And it’s such a minor holiday it isn’t even funny. Not nearly as important as Christmas allegedly is. I am done with the holiday flag waving. Wish me a ‘Happy New Year’ for Rosh Hashana. That I can get behind.

I’ve been thinking. The nickname for a Jewish person is Jew. When not said by a Jewish person it is usually associated with a negative connotation. Do Christians call each other Christs? I sure hope so. Does it beat goy? Hell no. But who am I to decide that. I guess it’s up to the good book to decide.

And this is simply frightening.

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  • It’s so funny you mentioned the negative connotation of “jew” when said by a non-jew. I’ve had that same feeling before. It’s the same when someone calls someone who is christian “a christian”. It’s very noun-ish. It stops being the description of a person and becomes the person. Very definitive.

    Personally, I have waged a war on christmas for years. I don’t mind the concept (see: spirit of christmas) but it is invasive. Supermarkets, shopping malls, radio, tv, blah blah blah.

    I see Christmas the same way I see children: they are fine when I see them on my terms.

    OK. That’s all.


  • Check out the link to “Jew” I inlcuded in the post.

  • I can’t believe they would actually include all the derogatory definitions of Jew on there. I guess that’s what a dictionary is all about, but still.

    It is interesting about their mention of the “jew” vs “jewish” issue. I guess I didn’t think anyone else would have considered it, like I was being over sensitive. Funny how somethings are just universal.


  • Hey! I’m Italian. Who are you calling a WAP? 😉

  • Oops. I’m also an Italian who can’t spell WOP late at night.

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