Get Off My Block

  1. Ok, first off, LOST is friggin’ awesome. I tend to not watch much TV. At least religously. Except for 24. But I always wanted to start watching LOST when it first aired and was prepared to watch it. For some reason or another I never got to see it. But last night I hit up Video Americain while Emily was taking a nap and I picked it up. It’s so good. And we’re gonna rent Disc Two tonight. I kinda wanna go home now.
  2. I [heart] getting invited to neighborhood potlucks of like-minded people. Our ‘hood is it for me. The community Listserve however can drive a sane man crazy. But that’s another story.
  3. Mesko’s kid is sooooo cute and I really enjoyed meeting his wife this Sunday at Mark’s Kitchen. And yes, he ate two blackberry milkshakes in addition to his brunch. They are a great couple and it’s awesome they live only 4 hours away now. ADD!! [photos]
  4. Construction has begun on the house. Insanity. It’s gonna be one dusty mofo.
  5. We also had our first fire in the fireplace. Turns out we didn’t need a new liner. The previous owners were getting the wool pulled over their eyes. I am so excited about this. Not about the wool, but rather the fires.

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