Happy New Year!

May you Happy and New much this coming Year!

2 Responses to “NYE”

  • First of all, it wasn’t a mini-party… it was a RAGER and it was super awesome.

    Secondly, thanks for eating my cake.

    Finally, an editorial comment. I TOTALLY got there before david r!

    Love you all. Thanks for making New Years magical.



  • Aweesome!!!! .. happy new year.

    So sorry Laurie and I couldn’t make it 🙁 … we were working on cleaning up unpacking and setting up the house almost till 11pm, and then we had dinner lol. But the result is.. we moved in on the 28th and things are really coming around all ready… our living room is pretty much set (with the exception of getting out couch .. and heidi being awesome and mailing us the end tables that we bought from ikea in LA through her.

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