The Start of 2006

We survived another year!

Our mini-party last night was a success. I think I finally tuckered in to bed around 5am. Quite possibly the latest I’ve ever stayed up on New Years. And of course I woke up shortly after around 10am. I really need to work on this sleep thing. It is something I have simply become bad at. Perhaps the start of a New Year’s Resolution. More Sleep in ’06! And we can’t forget, More Sex in ’06.

David R. was the first to show and the last to leave. Statistically speaking. Marisa and Brian don’t count because they are staying with us this weekend.

Props to David R. and Lisa for tending fire when I got distracted and using bamboo for the fireworks/light show experience in the fireplace. And props to JG and Al for schleping all the way from Fells Point.

Also, it was great seeing Morgan and her boyfriend Milan who were in town from London. I hadn’t seen her in years and it’s always good to catch up and talk shop with her and boyfriend. She’s a great soul.

Pictures here.

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