bandannahan: are you excited about tomorrow?

hannah (14k image)Saturday Emily and myself went to whatever town is above Baltimore. It was pretty damn close to PA. Wack man. We went to this place to get facials and massages. Quite possibly the most laughable thing i’ve ever had going in my head. It was a bunch of women paying money to be pampered. And of course i was the only dude there. They were just sort of confused why i was there and couldnt fathom a reason why i would need a facial or massage. So yeah, the facial ruled. I need one of those humidifiers they used. It would prolly help with my cat allergies at Emily’s house. But yeah, i could deal with that every few months.

So after that craziness we went to Guitar Center in Towson to get me some studio stuff. And i found this random used rack effect. It was like an aural exciter but under a random name. I love strange effects like these. Then we went to Hamden to check out the thrift stores. I got an old Silvertone (sears) Turntable and bought Emily a necklace. Saturday night i just put my studio together even that much more. And Roya come over to hang with me and Laura. So we watched a movie and hung out after dinner.

Sunday we hung with Emily’s mother and boyfriend. We went to lunch at Mark’s Kitchen (yummy!) in Takoma Park and then did the Farmer’s Market as well as some thriftstore shopping! After that we came back to Emily’s place and looked at her baby pictures for an hour or so. Fun fun fun. After that we went to my family’s house to eat dinner and give my sister’s car back. Of course i got lost leaving Arlington. I cant stand Virginia. Their roads are wacked man. Wacked i tell you. But at least my studio is virtually done. Yeah!

Now it’s monday and i had a little tiny nervous breakdown this morning after meeting Steve Irwin or perhaps even in the middle of it. I just was thinking while he was talking about a croc or wacked snake about how much work have to do today and it wasnt a pretty thought. Basically i am just so overwhelmed with work up my ass and for 600 different stations, even outside of DC101. So as so wisely suggested by Emily, i am taking off next Monday through Wednesday which gives me off all week cos of the 4th of July Holiday. Wooo! I so need to just not be at work for a week. Then when i get back it wont be work again. Rock…

thanks peter for the great photo op! - hangmat (15k image)

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  • vacaaaation! like the Go-Go’s!

    are U still gonna be at the TMBG/Lake Trout show on Saturday? what about Fugazi @ Fort Reno next monday? rockit!

    btw, you should come up on the 4th and watch the fireworks over the Inner Harbor from our rooftop, it’s awesome

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