I’m A Potato by Devo

Mad props to Mary Ann of Akron, Ohio (go figure) for getting me Devo’s Hardcore Vol 1. and Vol. 2 74-77. Basically these discs are early basement 4-track songs from before they were signed. Rykodisc reissued these years ago, but have since been out of print. This music is raw, minimal, uncut, angular and decisive. Somedays I think about what the world would be like with out the Beatles. And then I realize that the Beatles were never a part of the equation when Devo was making music. If you are in to the force known as Devo, you should check out these discs. Hell, even if you aren’t and like good music, you’ll probably get in to this. It might even change your life.

On a side note, it’s so funny hearing Devo make references to “Youngstown.” I mean it’s not funny, funny. But it’s funny because we have family there.

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  • Have you read the biography of Devo? It blew my mind in the best way. Bowie called them the band of the future, Sid Viscous asked them to be his new backing band, Neil Young covered them in concert all the time… and now nobody knows how awesome they are.

    Goddamn most underrated band ever. I’d love to hear those CDs sometime.

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