Guess Ten

Stolen from the Thud:

It’s Sunday, and time to guess ten artists and songs from the supplied ten lyrics!

No googling!

  1. “Let me get up on it, let me get up on it.”
  2. “You hurry to the blackness and the blankets…”
  3. “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” – Human League
    “And so the conversation turned, until the sun went down.”
  4. “Anti Love Song” – Betty Davis
    “I know you could make me scrawl.”
  5. “Jesus Walks with Me” – Kanye West
    “God show me the way because the Devil try to break me down.”
  6. “My boredom has outshined the sun.”
  7. “Thought I saw love smilin’ in your eyes.”
  8. “The Payback” – James Brown
    Get down with my girlfriend, That ain’t right!!
  9. “Freedom of Choice” – Devo
    “In ancient rome there was a poem.”
  10. “They came at night leaving fear behind.”

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