Ol Bessy, Our Washer/Dryer Combo Unit

This weekend our washer/dryer combo unit broke. Well not really. But kinda. It was a gift from Nan. The little plastic piece (which is not the technical term. the technical term is ‘lid switch assembly’) that “senses” when the door is open, snapped. So the washer consistantly thinks it’s door is open. And it will not get past the initial spin cycle. It’s horrid. That dirty soapy water. Ick!

So I was on the our ‘hood listserve looking to find a handyman or woman to come and fix it. I even looked online to find the replacement part.

What a fool I was. Emily got a little pissed that I was researching buying a new washer/dryer. But this whole “let’s hire someone to do this” really turns me on. Regardless, Emily got all McGuyver on my ass and started taking the washer apart and found the mechanism where the plastic piece snapped off. I fetched the super glue and the rest is history.

And for that matter, a piece of history:
and yes, our gas line is being held up with a bungee cable. I shit you not.

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