Devotion + Doubt

This is the last year I get to be in my 20s. I don’t really feel older today. It’s kinda silly. The whole “birthday” thing. My coworker made me a chocolate cake with pecans. PeeCAHNS. It was really nice of her. I am hoping they all don’t come around and sing. That’s mega annoying. I kinda layed hints last week that I am not really in to that because for some reason birthday’s are a big deal in the workplace. I don’t get it.

Inadvertently we planned a trip to New York for the weekend to hang with the Aunt & Uncle and the Cousins. We finally get to stay a few nights with Marisa and Brian, too. Sorry Zack, next time we’ll stay with you. And yes, I know Queens is way cooler than Manhattan. No doubt, man. We’re also going to check out some museums and maybe do a little shopping. And we have a business meeting tucked in there on Sunday.

Have a good weekend.

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