Ignore my condition, it’s just an isolated incident.

My last show with Communist Bakesale [note: check out the new website. eric did a kick-ass job] will be this coming Saturday in West Virginia at the Mecklenberg Inn. Show starts at 10pm. Ideally it won’t be longer than and hour and a half. Please come on out and support the music.

I’ve decided to leave the band as their live drummer. I must finally get back to my own music and to open my recording studio again. Part of my existance has become mildly depressed in the fact that I haven’t really created any music of my own in the past 2+ years. I need to get back on it. Like seriously.

Luckily there are no hard feelings and I actually hope to record a record with the band in the spring once I get the studio up and running, if by that time they are still in to the idea. I think it would be a great experience. However, my days as their live drummer is over. I just don’t have the “jamina” in me. I know they will find a drummer that will propel them to the next level where they want to be. Sadly, that person is not me.

PS. If anyone knows a drummer that might fit the bill, please contact me with some mp3s or something.

3 Responses to “Ignore my condition, it’s just an isolated incident.”

  • Aw, poor thing. But hey, I’m glad to read that you will be getting back to your own music — that’s a beautiul thing.

  • It will be a beautiful thing! Thanks for the support.

  • I was the lead vocalist for a 7 member band for 2 years. I opted out of it eventually. I was tough working with so many people. So many styles. My partner and I recently been recording an R&B/Island Album. Im pretty excited with the product. I’ll have samples of our music on my blog in the next few days.

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