Waging War Is Easier

I watched Frontline on PBS last night after we put up some primer on the walls while Emily was checking email. I always say that PBS is our cable television. It’s all we really need aside from Lost and the Simpsons and perhaps Dancing with the Stars. Ok, sorta just kidding about the last one. Emily might beg to differ, however.

So the show was called, “Al Qaeda’s New Front“. And while it was not probably intentional, after seeing and recounting the Madrid and London subway bombings it reminded me how easily the same thing could happen in DC’s Metro. In fact, I am half-amazed it hasn’t already happened. But it’s something I think about almost everytime a train goes from above ground in to a tunnel. It’s something I will probably live with until I die. Just like when ever I (or likely any other DC Metro resident) see a “White Cargo Van” in the area I think, “Man, is that the Sniper?!”.

Anyways. The show was pretty interesting and I’ve come to the conclusion that neither the United States nor the extremist Islamics will ever see eye to eye. Each is too selfish, has too much pride and clearly doesn’t even want to try and understand what someone on the other side might think. Waging war is easier, I guess. What is scary is the fact that these extremist’s are clearly organized and scattered throughout the world. Either they have a great public relations department or they are sadly more efficient than ever before. And in the same vein, I bet they say the same about us.

What is the deal with religion, anyways? Why does it usually make people do so many stupid things.

On that note: Happy February!

4 Responses to “Waging War Is Easier”

  • We could probably have peace if we moved the entire population of Israel to the Yukon territory and learned to control our television signals better. Islamic fundimentalists who got reception of “The biggest loser” were 35% more likely to declare a Jihad than those who didn’t get reception. Islamic fundimentalists don’t want peace. I don’t agree with the war in Iraq, but Bush has one thing right. The Islamic fundimentalist nation will attack us again. They have entire groups of people working on circumventing the systems put in place to protect our nation’s sovereignty. Our destruction is what they are after, not just to be left alone.

  • And they’re not weighed down by the bureaucracy that we have. “Huh? What? Were we supposed to make a decision? No, no. We just mull things over.”

  • And by the way, is anyone thinking about the fact that maybe Osama is winning since we’re bankrupting the government to pay for this war?

  • good point about how much war is costing, emily… it’s disgusting really. and gordon, you bush might be right about the the fundamentalists plan to attack us again… but they are that much more likely to do so now that we’ve needlessly went to war with iraq. what terrifies me is bush’s eye on iran…

    and mat, fear is something we’ll have to live with. i think about it when i’m in dc and when i’m in new york mostly. when i went to new york last september, i was amazed at the lack of security on buses. we took a bus from new jersey to manhattan… and both times we went through the tunnel into the city i thought how easy it would be for someone to detonate a bomb on a bus going through the tunnels… imagine how awful that would be!

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