Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins

Last night we headed over to Eric’s for a little bit of a Lost rerun. It was supposed to be a pot-luck, but last minute Eric canceled the pot-luck part due to other things going on. In the time between last checking my email at work and my commute home, I forgot. Go figure. So we showed up with our dumplings and edamame. Oh well… My memory issues and Emily’s very fast of hearing (or rather Eric’s slow of hearing ways) always proves to be entertaining to many.

On the way there we listened to the latest NPR Podcast of All Songs Considered. It’s definitely my favorite radio show. Since I stopped working for the radio biz I’ve been very out of touch with new music. In fact there have been few bands I’ve started liking since I left last year. And it’s not to say it’s because I liked the bands the radio station played and that influenced me, but I was in that frame of mind of trying new music. It was the way of life, but not the way of life. The only new (to me) music I’ve really picked up this year has been older Jazz and Classical music. Which is fine, but it’s not really new music for me, in that respect.

So in this edition of All Songs Considered they played some Jenny Lewis. And on a side note they played Hem shortly after, which is a band David R. got me in to which I thought was kinda neat to hear them on NPR. So they played a cut from Jenny Lewis’ latest release which is a solo record. It was nice and cute and well put together. I got to thinking: Maybe when I get home, I’ll download some iTunes of Rilo Kiley because I have heard a lot about them from Ely and he typically likes good music. So I bought some cuts from The Execution of All Things (Saddle Creek Records) and this morning I listened to it on the way to work. I really really liked the Rilo Kiley. It’s like the pop sensibility of Lisa Loeb with the quirky, ironic & acrobatic lyrics of James and sensuality of the Cardigans. I am definitely interested to hear more. And perhaps I’ll get that solo record and/or another Rilo Kiley record this weekend if the Feetnik is down for some record shopping.

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  • um, i’m going to say yes, and then yes some more.

    nu shooz and i can’t wait!

  • Two words:
    More Adventurous

  • This is so crazy! Have you read my post from last night? We are definitely on the same wavelength, must have been the long car ride Saturday night . . . I’ve been listening to Rilo Kiley, Execution for the last couple of days and just bought the two other albums. Almost got the Jenny Lewis and Watson Twins, but I’m going to save that for later . . . don’t want to overdo it.

  • Holy syncronicity!

    I am also totally with you on not buying whole albums thru iTunes. 128bit AAC is good and a helluva lot clearer than MP3s, but still not great.

    I really like having the *real* record, as well. It’s not not a record with out liner notes.

  • Take a listen to ‘Bright Eyes’ when you get a chance – that’s another new one I got last night along with the Rilo Kiley stuff. I got this sort of mellow, acoustic album called ‘I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. I liked the sound, and he did a track on it with Emmylou Harris, which is always something great. But there’s this other disc he released at the same time as this one called ‘Digital Ash in a Digital Burn’ that I thought might be something you’d like.

  • I enjoy Rilo Kiley as well. Her new stuff is pretty good as well. I’d suggest one track from Rilo Kiley’s latest album More Adventurous called “Portion for Foxes”

  • Yes! The video to that song is on their site. Awesome.

  • what cracked me up is that you said ely typically likes good music… haha!! 🙂 Matthew… haha…

    well, i haven’t heard this jenny lewis record. i’ve read about it and really want to check it out, but i have to say i’m not a big rilo kiley fan… i wanted to be because they were friends with elliott, and jenny lewis sang a beautiful and emotional cover of elliott’s ‘i didn’t understand’ at the la tribute shortly after his death… so back in 2003 i bought a couple rilo kiley records… and the songs i like the most were the ones she didn’t sing. i think i dig blake sennet more. but bright eyes, i just don’t get him… am i getting old or what? he sounds ironic to me… not genuine… but i recognize the beauty in jenny lewis’s voice…

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